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The Process

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The process starts with you browsing our page and being stoked on the concept of comfortable adventure (hey you’re already here!). You don't need any ideas or plans- we can help with those. All you need to do is reach out via our 

We will chat over beers, in the surf lineup, or over the phone and cover all the details you need to know before booking us.

Once we have a general understanding of the build and are probably good friends, we will send you an email through our booking site to make it official!

Once you’ve signed our contract, paid your deposit, and we’ve collectively decided on a start date, it’s time to get to work. We will either help you find the perfect shell, or you can bring us your bare adventure mobile to start the work on. This is when the fun starts.

In the 1-2 months it takes to get your camper adventure-ready we will be in communication and always welcome your input! You will sit tight, knowing it’ll be worth it and the open road soon awaits you.

Your van buildout will be ready and it’s going to be even better than you imagined. You will come pick it up or we will bring it to you and congratulate you on your new home. You will drive off into the sunset, or the Sierras, or your favorite State Beach campground, stoked on your new home and ready to put it to use.

We will be friends, follow each other's adventures, and meet you on the road for more fun. We will see you out there.

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