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two-toned whale tail

two-toned whale tail


Your typical serving board with an elevated look. We can guarantee you'll be the life of the party walking out of the kitchen with this one, as the petruding handle maximizes charcuterie space, who doesn't love that?!

  • product info

    Half figured maple half walnut, whale tail shape with comfy and sturdy handle, leather hanging strap helps double as kitchen decor. Finished with vegan finish oil made by Walrus Oil.

  • care & maintenance

    Care: always hand wash your wooden board with mild soap and warm water and allow it to dry before putting it away.

    Maintenance: When your board starts to look dry or dull, polish it with a food safe mineral oil which will help maintain its beautiful finish, prevent cracking, and  repel water. 

  • shipping info

    We calculate all shipping rates at checkout based on product dimensions, weight, and distance it needs to travel to get in your home. We package using repurposed materials to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

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